Come see us Saturdays!

We are busy gardening and filling containers for our clients which means we aren't able to spend as much time in our sweet little garden shop. BB&CO is still open Saturdays 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. and always happy to meet you there by appointment or by chance during the rest of the week!

Big shout out to everyone who supports BB&CO whether it is in your gardens, creating beautiful planters for you or popping by to visit us! 

Fresh flower update: For those of you who want to be on our list for fresh flowers from a local flower farm, we are anxiously waiting for Amber's flowers to arrive! We will keep you posted!

Alison & Janet

P.S...don't be afraid to cut little bouquets from your very own gardens! Beauty is everywhere during this Spring season and you should bring it inside to enjoy 😊